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Property TypeSell / RentLocationBedroom TypeWashroom TypeArea SizeIs Furnished?FacilitiesPrice
Commertial spaceSellManish Nagar / Narendra NagarNANA2000 Unfur NA14000000
FlatRentalDharampeth3 BHKIndian and Western1200 Unfur Car Parking, Lift, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe27000
Commertial spaceRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA800 Unfur NA30000
Commertial spaceRentalSai MandirNANA800 Unfur NA20000
ShopRentalNandanvanNANA425 Unfur NA15000
HouseRentalBesa2 BHKIndian1200 Unfur NA8000
Commertial spaceRentalManish Nagar / Narendra NagarNANA2800 Unfur NA140000
Commertial spaceRentalDharampethNANA700 Unfur NA60000
Commertial spaceRentalDharampethNANA400 Unfur NA20000
HouseRentalManish Nagar / Narendra Nagar2 BHKIndian1000 Unfur NA12000
Commertial spaceRentalWardhman NagarNANA350 Unfur NA5000
Commertial spaceRentalTrimurti Nagar / Hingna Rd.NANA5000 Unfur NA150000
FlatRentalTrimurti Nagar / Hingna Rd.1 BHKIndian600 Unfur Car Parking7000
HouseRentalPratap Nagar3 BHKIndian800 Fully NA18000
ShopRentalSadarNANA1200 Unfur NA25000
HouseRentalManish Nagar / Narendra Nagar1 BHKWestern600 Unfur NA6500
Commertial spaceRentalPratap NagarNANA350 Unfur NA14000
Commertial spaceRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA523 Unfur NA30000
FlatRentalDharampeth3 BHKIndian and Western1800 Unfur Car Parking, Lift, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe35000
FlatRentalAmravati Rd. / Wadi2 BHKIndian1000 Unfur Lift9000
GodownRentalAmravati Rd. / WadiNANA5000 Unfur NA00000
FlatRentalManish Nagar / Narendra Nagar1 RkWestern600 Unfur Lift9000
Commertial spaceRentalMahalNANA660 Fully NA40000
Commertial spaceRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA1400 Unfur NA80000
FlatRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress Nagar2 BHKIndian and Western1000 Fully Car Parking18000
ShopRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA300 Unfur NA25000
Commertial spaceRentalMahalNANA670 Unfur NA30000
Paying Guests(Gents)RentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANANA Unfur Unfurnished7000
BunglowRentalSai Mandir6 BHKIndian and Western4000 Unfur Terrace and Car Parking40000
HouseRentalPratap Nagar1 RkIndian800 Unfur NA10000
HouseRentalSadar1 RkIndian800 Unfur NA5500
HouseRentalManewada2 BHKIndian and Western1000 Unfur NA10000