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Property TypeSell / RentLocationBedroom TypeWashroom TypeArea SizeIs Furnished?FacilitiesPrice
Commertial spaceSellManish Nagar / Narendra NagarNANA2000 Unfur NA14000000
Commertial spaceRentalDharampethNANA400 Unfur NA20000
FlatRentalDharampeth3 BHKIndian and Western1200 Unfur Car Parking, Lift, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe27000
ShopRentalNandanvanNANA425 Unfur NA15000
HouseRentalWardha Rd.2 BHKIndian800 Unfur NA12000
HouseRentalBesa2 BHKIndian1200 Unfur NA8000
Commertial spaceRentalManish Nagar / Narendra NagarNANA2800 Unfur NA140000
Commertial spaceRentalDharampethNANA700 Unfur NA60000
Commertial spaceRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA800 Unfur NA30000
Commertial spaceRentalSai MandirNANA800 Unfur NA20000
FlatRentalSai Mandir2 BHKIndian and Western1100 Unfur Car Parking, Lift, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe20000
HouseRentalManish Nagar / Narendra Nagar2 BHKIndian1000 Unfur NA12000
Commertial spaceRentalWardhman NagarNANA350 Unfur NA5000
Commertial spaceRentalTrimurti Nagar / Hingna Rd.NANA5000 Unfur NA150000
FlatRentalTrimurti Nagar / Hingna Rd.1 BHKIndian600 Unfur Car Parking7000
HouseRentalPratap Nagar3 BHKIndian800 Fully NA18000
FlatRentalMedical / Ganeshpeth3 BHKIndian and Western1995 Fully Car Parking, Lift, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe35000
HouseRentalWardha Rd.2 BHKIndian and Western900 Unfur NA15000
FlatRentalManish Nagar / Narendra Nagar1 RkWestern600 Unfur Lift9000
Commertial spaceRentalMahalNANA660 Fully NA40000
Commertial spaceRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA1400 Unfur NA80000
FlatRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress Nagar2 BHKIndian and Western1000 Fully Car Parking18000
ShopRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA300 Unfur NA25000
ShopRentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANA300 Unfur NA25000
Commertial spaceRentalMahalNANA670 Unfur NA30000
Paying Guests(Gents)RentalDhantoli - Ramdaspeth / Congress NagarNANANA Unfur Unfurnished7000
BunglowRentalSai Mandir6 BHKIndian and Western4000 Unfur Terrace and Car Parking40000
HouseRentalSadar1 RkIndian800 Unfur NA5500
HouseRentalManewada4 BHKIndian850 Unfur NA12000
HouseRentalManewada2 BHKIndian and Western1000 Unfur NA10000
FlatRentalDharampeth4 BHKIndian and Western2000 Unfur Car Parking, Lift, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe75000
Commertial spaceRentalManish Nagar / Narendra NagarNANA1500 Unfur NA15000